ReplacementGripUPG47_USA2A quick announcement everyone. We have currently started production of a few of our most popular products here in the USA.

See below for the full list Israeli designed but American made CAA products!! Links to the product pages will be below the product descriptions.


Part #: UPG16 – AR15 REPLACEMENT PISTOL GRIP ( Interchangeable Grips)

Part #: UPG47 – AK47 REPLACEMENT GRIP ( Interchangeable Grips)






Newly Designed MC47 Mag Coupler

Magazine Coupler for AK47 / 74 Magazines

CAA is proud to introduce their new AK47 Magazine Coupler, the MC47. This coupler rigidly holds two AK47 7.62×39 magazines together, doubling the magazine capacity and saving precious reloading time. The robust and durable design weighs only 2.11 ounces. The MC47’s unique design features spring-loaded screws making magazine insertion easy. The external surfaces of the coupler are checkered and beveled to provide a firm, comfortable, and secure grasp for the operator. Wide spacing between the coupled magazines allows for the use of most reloads. Manufactured from high-density polymer for a lifetime of rugged use. The magazines can be mounted in the coupler with either the feed lips of both magazines in the same direction or with the feeds of the magazines at opposite ends of the coupler.

  • New AK47 mag coupler saves precious reloading time and expands ammunition capacity.
  • Each magazine can be placed in a different height
  • Wide gap – makes it easy to reload
  • Made of high density polymer – very light
  • Will not scratch or deform magazines
  • Screw tightened
  • No Gunsmith required * Mill-standard
  • Warranty: 10 years

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Clear Action Mag

CAA is proud to introduce the new Clear Action Magazine. This unique magazine provides both a clear window on the side showing the number of  rounds remaining in the magazine and a full magazine indicator button on the bottom. The clear window on the magazine side allows the user to easily view the number of rounds remaining, corresponding to the numbers stamped into the body. In addition a white full magazine indicator on the bottom pops out of the magazine base, providing a tactile indicator of a fully loaded magazine during low light or night operations.  The full mag indicator can be preset to pop out at either 29 or 30 rounds by removing the follower extension.

To make a 100% reliable polymer magazine, we start with a magazine body made from a high impact polymer strong enough to be run over by a truck and still function.  The interior of the magazine body is formed with contours in the shape of the round to prevent jams and misfeeds.  A non-tilting follower and stainless steel spring produces a magazine you can count on for 100% reliability.  A rubber dust cover is included. With the clear window showing you the remaining rounds at a glance,  and the full magazine indicator, you now have a  superior design, executed flawlessly, resulting in your tactical advantage.

UEM “Universal Equipment Mount”

CAA is proud to introduce their new Universal Equipment Mount (UEM). The UEM provides an interface between a Picatinny rail and a Sling swivel stud allowing the operator to mount anything that attaches to a sling swivel stud to their Picatinny Rail. The UEM allows the attachment of bipods and other equipment to the Picatinny rail.

Designed from polymer with a hardened  steel sling swivel stud coated with a black oxide finish. The UEM uses the proven screw down-clamp locking mechanism to securely attach to the rail and eliminating any movement.

New M4S1 M16/AR15 Carbine Handguard Set

CAA’s NEW M4S1 M16/AR15 carbine handguard sets the standard for a stable and rigid design by combining interlocking top and bottom handguard sections with a bottom rail that can be mounted to the existing sling swivel mount for additional rigidity. M4S1 handguard will not move once locked in place providing repeatable zero.

This is the first lightweight polymer handguard designed to withstand the extreme operating temperatures of a gas piston system. This extreme heat resistance is achieved by manufacturing the M4S1 from a proprietary heat resistant polymer, including heat shields and providing significant upper and lower handguard venting in the design. The M4S1 also works with standard direct gas operating systems.

The M4S1 includes two interchangeable lower rails of 4” & 1.75” lengths. The this allows the operator to quickly change rails based on mission need. The two 1.75” side rails are removable if not required. Even with the side rails attached there is enough room left on the contoured handguard for your hand to hold it comfortably. An optional 9” long aluminum top rail attaches to the handguard and flat top rail providing a super stable platform for mounting optics and sights.

The M4S1 also includes 2 mounting points for a push button quick detach sling swivel. Interlocking top and bottom handguard sections with a bottom rail that can be mounted to the existing sling swivel mount for additional rigidity.

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The RONI Glass Breaker

The RONI now comes equipped with an integral glass breaker in the muzzle shroud. The RONI uses a pistol caliber and not a rifle caliber therefore is a much less danger of penetration through walls and causing collateral damage.

Flip Up Sights

We are proud to introduce our new and innovative Super Low Profile Folding Flip Up Sights. Throw away your sight adjustment tools. No tools are needed to raise and lower the front sight center post. Center post height is adjusted by a thumb wheel.  Thumb wheel click adjustments are both audible and tactile. These lightweight polymer and aluminum Flip Up Sights have a super low profile when not in use. Their rugged design passes the Israeli military drop test. Mounts securely onto any Picatinny rail.

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Thunder Finger Vertical Forward Grips – TVG-TVG1

We are  proud to introduce our newest forward grips. The new Thunder Forward Grips are comfortable with a designed pattern for increased control. All four fingers will fit comfortably around the contoured shape of New  Thunder Three + 1 Forward Grip with its 3.75″ grip length. But if you want a shorty forward grip with only a 2″ grip length choose the Thunder Three Finger Vertical Forward Grip. The 2″ length of the Thunder Three Finger Grip is great as it enables you to control the firearm but presents  a smaller profile, reducing the area that could snag onto other objects and eliminating weight.

Both grips, the TVG & TVG1, feature a plugged storage compartment, a finned upper grip area assists in dissipating heat and they utilize our screw down clamp locking system for secure mounting to any Picatinny rail.  Available in Black, OD Green, and Tan. Made in Israel. Unlimited Lifetime Warranty.

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SRS in the movie “RED”

The Advanced Sniper Stock (SRS) recently starred in the major motion picture film “RED”, starring Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren (shown above).  The SRS, designed in conjunction with special units of the IDF (Israel Defense Force) is ideally suited to meet the demands of the precision marksman community. Proven to provide rapid target acquisition, faster and more accurate follow up shots, and quicker target-to-target attainment. Completely adjustable, featuring a rear-folding leg that converts a rifle with a bipod into a stable shooting platform. Pat pending.

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